Martina & Armando a couple with a great passion for sweets - two foodies from Germany traveled in their twenties for years to different parts of the world. Trying dishes from all over including the US, Asia, Australia and Europe. Along their travels they grew a special passion - the obsession for cookies.

 NYC LA LONDON PARIS SYDNEY - Amazing Cookies everywhere.

Back home in Germany Armando & Martina were missing something... Yes...COOKIES! Germany couldn’t fix their cookie needs - so they figured, that they need to make great Cookies themselves! The idea ROUND&EDGY was born. Influenced by their travels, the beauty of mother nature and the change in condition of our planet, climate change - they visioned ROUND&EDGY has to be more than just a cookie brand.

 The idea of plant based Cookies were born.

One year later, countless hours of baking and trying Martina & Armando managed to get a recipe whichrepresents the perfect cookie - even fully plant based without sacrificing in taste or quality. Through those unique insights from all around the world, their ideas and their strong obsession for perfect cookies - they have been able to create a cookie recipe one of its kind.

Round & Edgy - More than just a cookie store, a sustainable concept, from the selection of

ingredients, our partners, to our product.

 Sustainability in focus, without sacrificing quality and taste.

Vegan cookies with an international influence and a traditional touch that the German market

doesn't know yet but is more than ready for.





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